#firstdollarmade #berniedointhebernie made money doin me #rRobNoHating

A well balanced breakfast!

Welp if a apple a day keeps the doctor away then barely and hops and water as well as other grains must really keep them away right? #delusional #cheers #twoadayhowaboutsix

Bald but still bearded!!!

Resting then heading back through the boulder field (at Parks Pond)

But I’m alright!

Bleed like a son of a gun for a few minutes (at Parks Pond)

I fell like 3ish feet and missed smashing my face on a ledge by like a few inches. Just cut up my hands (at Parks Pond)

Another little spelunking area … It was tight. (at Parks Pond)

Careful it’s ICEY (at Parks Pond)